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Mihaela Dima

Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Instructor (Yogalap),Yoga Breathing Coach (Yogabody). nYoga and Pranayama are essential for a better life and wellbeing!

Breathwork class 1×1
Yoga is not about perfection is about balance and harmony! Breathing is the most amazing gift we have and the tool to handle our nervous system!

Cultural Center Las Condes (February 2019 – August 2021)

Job Title: Yoga Instructor

Yoga Sakhyam School (February 2019 – August 2021)

Job Title: Yoga Instructor

Sakhyam School

Yoga Integral level I

April-December 2018 (December 2018)

Yoga Sakhyam School

Yoga Integral Level II

April-December 2019 (December 2019)


Life Awareness Breathwork Instructor

Februaty-March.2021 (March 2021)


Breath Coach

30th /April 2022 (April 2022)

Writing,Qigong, meditation