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Michelle is so motivating and has a solid base of knowledge. Her ability to articulate the complex concepts that is concise and clear. Her ability to listen and navigate under tones is simply genius. Thank you Michelle for your service.
- Patricia Butler (Apr 2024)
I read her article on how to be a Possibilitarian in Psychology Today. I was moved to really look at myself and choices I make minute by minute. My thoughts stayed on the thoughts brought to mind all day and still do. Michelle writes well and chooses her words perfectly. I knew exactly what she was saying and it was spot on in what I needed to hear.
- Kim Tanner (Mar 2024)
Michelle is extremely knowledgeable, welcoming, and fun. She truly meets each person on their personal fitness level and will move you forward, even if it feels like your body can’t move in the beginning! I learn something from her during each class, and I always feel better.
- Lou Lou L (Mar 2023)
Okay let me think of the words in English you know okay wonderful teacher or very good teacher thank you
- Maria Agnes (Oct 2022)
Thanks Mom. Love you! ~ Michelle
- Michelle Tennant (Jul 2023)
Michelle is a wonderful workout instructor. She makes it fun and encourages you. She helps you see your accomplishments even when you can't see them. She genuinely cares about people. Michelle has helped me so much.
- Mary Warren (Sep 2022)
Michelle's the best; came through with every request I had.
- Amy Burkholder, Producer, CBS (Sep 2022)
Michelle's a great publicist. She knew what I needed before I even asked.
- Brian Curtis, Anchor, NBC (Sep 2022)
Michelle is a five-star publicist.
- Mable Chan, Good Morning America Producer (Sep 2022)
Michelle's perky quotient is Biblical!
- Bob Amato, PBS Host (Sep 2022)
Michelle is a fabulous fitness instructor. She inspires me to work harder and take it to the next level! I'm so glad I found her!
- Melodye Campbell (Sep 2022)
Michelle's classes are so much fun, I don't notice it's a work out. She challenges the mind and body in a way that makes time fly. She's got a gift!
- Lisa W (Sep 2022)
Michelle has a dynamic spirit that really comes across in class. I took a spin class (8 weeks) with Michelle and found her to be very knowledgeable as well as a great motivator. Michelle always had time for a question and was a joy to work with as a coach. I highly recommend training with Michelle...she goes above and beyond to make exercise safe and fun.
- Carol Wolfe (Sep 2022)
Michelle brings energy, passion and caring! You know that she has something fun planned for whichever class she is teaching. I always leave smiling and sweating. So much fun!
- Steve Wilson (Sep 2022)
Michelle is a top-notch teacher and accountability coach. She doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’, she is there sweating it out with you every step of the way. She is a hard worker who believes in your success and can help you reach your personal goals. She knows how to achieve work/life balance that is sustainable.
- Elizabeth Walters (Sep 2022)
Michelle has so much knowledge on many different topics. She is always sharing information during class on why and how we are doing the activities during class. She is always tuned into the participants making adjustments and differentiating instruction whenever necessary. She is cheerful and happy. Each time you take her class you feel loved and nourished. She is the best!
- Lisa Stevenson (Sep 2022)
She's awesome! Full of energy and encourages her students to be the best they can be. The best instructor there is!
- O\'Niel Seme (Sep 2022)
Michelle is a brilliant fitness instructor. She makes me feel better about myself and encourages me to stay healthy along with her.
- Sonja Dewing (Sep 2022)

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