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Michelle Tennant

International Publicist | Fitness Instructor | Beekeeper | Mountain Biker| Kayaker | 1+828.749.3200

Michelle believes in starting every morning with movement. Like food, movement is medicine. Michelle brings a rich experience to every group exercise class she teaches and compassion for everyone since she could not walk at 38. Now in her 50s, she is teaching others how to heal themselves as she healed herself. A former professional whitewater raft guide on the New and Gauley rivers, Michelle is currently certified in group exercise, indoor cycling, Yoga Trapeze®, pilates, kickboxing, and Science of Stretching® aka Gravity Yoga. Her B.F.A. in theater and early childhood education comes from Chicago’s DePaul University and her masters degree in human development is from Pasadena’s Pacific Oaks College. Michelle savors life on her Smoky Mountain homestead with her husband and sled dog. Lately, after a full day at the desk as an International Publicist with her PR firm, Wasabi Publicity, Inc., you can find Michelle mountain biking or hanging like a bat from her Yoga Trapeze®. If you know you need a Sustainable Fitness Coach, make a monthly commitment now for your own healing and Michelle will coach you, her happiness hustle. | The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu | Step now.

Patreon ( (January 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Creator | Sustainable Health Wealth Love

Leila Patterson Fitness Center ( (March 2011 – Present)

Job Title: Spinning, Muscle Pump, Yoga, Tabata, and TRX Instructor

Wasabi Publicity, Inc. ( (July 2002 – Present)

Job Title: Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder, Intl Publicist

Psychology Today Magazine (July 2021 – Present)

Job Title: Contributor |

Yoga Teachers College

Yoga Trapeze

Yoga Trapeze (May 2021)

Yoga Teachers College

Science of Stretching

Science of Stretching (September 2022)


Theater and Early Childhood Education

B.F.A. (June 1992)


Human Development

Masters Degree (June 2006)

Fitness Certifications: Indoor Cycling aka Spinning (Mad Dog Athletics), Tabata Bootcamp (Savvier Fitness), Yoga Trapeze®, Science of Stretching® (Yoga Teachers College®), personal training, kickboxing, group exercise, pilates, nutrition and water aerobics (FiTour). Former lifeguard and swim instructor.