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Melissa Chureau

Breath work, embodiment & mindfulness coach for busy professionals looking to create balance and meaning in their lives.

1 month / 4 one-on-one Breath Work Classes
1 month / 4 one-to-one Mindfulness Sessions
1:1 Life or Career Coaching
6 Session Package: 1 on 1 60 minute transformational coaching
Science-based breath work, somatics, and mindfulness coaching.

(January 2023 – Present)

Job Title:

Yoga Body

Breath Work

Certificate (April 2023)

The Somatics School

Embodiment and Somatics

Certificate (April 2023)


Life Coaching

Certificate (August 2022)

Designing Your Life

Design Life Coaching

Certificate (February 2022)

Dallas Yoga Center


Certificate (March 2021)

Lewis & Clark Law School


Juris Doctorate (May 2002)