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Maryam Muhammad

Passionate graduate of YOGABODY® Teachers College, specializing in the Science of Stretching®. Dedicated to guiding beginners to seasoned athletes—towards enhanced flexibility. Explore the world of deep stretching with personalized private classes and workshops. From the not-so-flexible to seasoned yogis. I'm here to support your journey!

1 Month Package (4 Classes)
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As a recent and enthusiastic graduate of Yoga Body Teachers College with a specialization in the Science of Stretching, I am eager to apply my in-depth knowledge of yoga and stretching techniques to empower individuals on their wellness journey. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, breath control, and deep stretching, I am dedicated to creating tailored programs that promote flexibility, relaxation, and overall well-being. My goal is to leverage my skills as a Stretch Coach to guide and inspire others on their path to improved physical health and mindfulness.\\\"

Abbott Northwestern Hospital (September 2023 – Present)

Job Title: CMA

UC San Diego Health (March 2020 – August 2023)

Job Title: CMA

Edina Family Physicians (October 2017 – February 2020)

Job Title: CMA

Fresinus Kidney Care (October 2013 – October 2017)

Job Title: Dialysis Technician

Petco (May 2023 – July 2023)

Job Title: Volunteer

YogaBody Teachers College

Science of Stretching

Science of Stretching Coach (December 2023)

-Anatomy Knowledge: Understanding of human anatomy involved in stretching. Adapting stretches to accommodate individual limitations. -Sequencing: Designing well-structured stretch sequences to target specific muscle groups. -Modifications and Props: Skill in providing modifications for different skill levels and body abilities. Knowledge of how to use props effectively to assist or intensify stretches -Deep Stretching: Ability to incorporate deep stretches for specific conditions (e.g., back pain, tight hips & hamstring). Understanding the principles of rehabilitative stretching. -Cueing and Verbal Instruction: Clear and concise verbal cues to guide students through each stretch. Effective communication to create a focused environment. -Continuing Education: Commitment to ongoing learning through workshops and training programs. Staying informed about the latest developments in yoga and stretching practices. -Student Connection: Building a supportive and inclusive community within the yoga class. Responding to individual needs and fostering a positive learning environment.