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Marketa Rihova

Hi! I am Marketa - Czech girl living in Spain. I love teaching yoga as my part job to give a purpose to my life. As a full time office job worker, I understand how important is to come to yoga class and not only stretch and strengthen your body, but also have a lot of fun and good energy all around to release your mind. I am passionate about educating myself in well-being (especially nutrition and movement).

BlueArt Yoga (January 2015 – April 2019)

Job Title: Power Yoga teacher

FlowYoga Studio (September 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Power Yoga teacher

Power Yoga Academy, s.r.o.

Power Yoga training

150h TT Power Yoga teacher (January In Progress)

Yoga Teachers College

Breathing Coach

15 h TT Breath Coach (March 2021)

Yoga Teachers College

Science of Stretching

30 h TT Streatching Coach (April 2021)

SUP Yoga Catalunya

SUP Yoga Instructor

40 h TT SUP Yoga Instructor (January In Progress)

MA-NA Yoga loft

Navakarana Hrdayam Modulo 1

(January In Progress)

EN/ES/CZ | Paddle Surf | Bicing | Cooking | Reading
Breath Coaching - 1 month program (online)
Power Yoga class - 60 min (online or presencial Castelldefels)
Stretching Coaching - 60 min (online or presencial Castelldefels)
Navakarana - 60 min (only presencial Castelldefels)