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Maria MC

Nature & Forest Therapy Guide and Coach. Journal Therapist and Breath Coach.

Hi and thanks for joining me here. I have been working in the counselling/coaching and holistic health industry for at least 20 years. Today, what I offer, is a blend of all of my experiences, learning and development. My starting point was my body shutting down through longterm stress that I did not even know I had! and through this and a number of consequential illnesses, I had a huge change of direction - And here I am today. Sounds only it was - it took a lot of practice, self discovery and creating balance in my life. I hope that through my coaching, classes and personal experiences, I can help you today too.

Mindful Connections (October 2008 – Present)

Job Title: Founder

Yoga Body


(October 2021)

Nature, Balance, deep relaxation