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I approached Marc as the next step in my recovery following a shoulder operation last year. Marc patiently took the time to find out about my current range of movement before I joined in with online group yoga sessions. Over the course of just a few weeks, with Marc's expert and professional assistance, I was able to increase my shoulder movement to the full range. Throughout the process he was very mindful of my limits and didn't push me beyond them. Marc is so friendly and calm - a real pleasure to work with. So thank you Marc for your expert guidance - and some very relaxing evenings too!
- Toby Acton (May 2024)
Marc you taught me so much 🧘🏼‍♂️ I use the mental and physical practice you provided me. It has been extremely rewarding for my body, and mind, as I am not getting younger! I feel stronger mentally as well as physically. Thank you :)
- Sarah Poskitt (May 2024)
Marc’s yoga, is so much more! It’s your overall well-being as well as getting great advice on areas of the body I struggled with. After my sessions with Marc, I continued the exercises he’d recommend and it really works 🤩 I feel mentally and physically stronger. 🙏
- Sarah Poskitt (May 2024)
I have learnt so much about myself and yoga from these sessions. Marc is judge free, and the yoga is so much more than what you get of YouTube!
- Seb (Jan 2023)
I have been practising yoga for several years without seeing much progress. Yoga with Mark has enabled me to learn a lot about Yoga and has improved my sessions. This has made me more confident in myself and provided me with a positive mindset. I would thoroughly recommend :)
- Sarah (Dec 2022)
Marc introduced me to Gravity yoga, something I thought I would never have the patience for but Marc’s enthusiastic manner decided me to give it a go. I’ve never felt more thoroughly relaxed or flexible after a yoga session. Thank you for teaching me a whole new approach to yoga. Can’t recommend Marc highly enough and can’t wait for my next gravity session.
- Amanda Q (Oct 2022)
Absolutely loving my sessions with Marc. He has great knowledge and such a wide variety of approaches to suit everyone’s needs. Marc is very professional and his calm and relaxed manor makes it very easy to get the most out of each session I have with him. Really do recommend. Great teacher.
- Jack Dyer (Apr 2022)
Marc has a serene demeanour and soothing voice which allows everyone to relax instantly. He has introduced new ways of holding postures and improving flexibility after many years of different yoga classes throughout my life. He challenges us too which we all need to improve! Thanks Marc I look forward to continuing the yoga journey with you and fellow yogis.
- Julie McDonagh (Nov 2021)
Hi Marc. Just wanted to say how grateful I am for your classes. With all of the running I do, it's SO important for me to have for a proper stretch every week and I just feel so many benefits from making time for it. I do stretch in between as well but your Thursday class really helps to keep me focused. Thank you
- Georgie Ripper (Oct 2021)
My wife and I had been talking about taking up yoga together for ages but it was never the right time. Finding Marc and Gravity Yoga has been revolutionary and the fact he can work remotely via Zoom has been great. This version of yoga is all about holding stretches for longer periods of time to increase you range of movement and I have noticed improvements in my posture, less stiff back feelings and I’ve been able to touch my toes for the first time in my life! I can’t recommend Marc enough, he’ll change your life!
- Martin B (Jul 2021)
As a beginner to yoga only 3 months ago I am really enjoying Marc’s relaxing style and have definitely benefited both physically and mentally I can’t praise Marc highly enough and have recommended him to family and friends!
- Terry Maylin (Jul 2021)
Hi All. I just wanted to share the progress that I made doing 2 months of weekly 1:1 gravity yoga sessions with Marc. Despite 10 years of yoga, numerous other approaches and being pretty flexible in many other ways, my forward bends have always been atrocious and I had been unable to make any noticeable improvements. I felt like my hips and lower back were made of concrete and the whole are was so locked up that I couldn't even feel a stretch in my hamstrings. I posted the photo below in my Facebook runners group asking if anyone could help and Marc got in touch. I am honestly astounded by the progress that I was able to make. The increased range of movement through my hips and legs means that I feel looser and more relaxed when I run and I can now also feel the potential for further progress. I would wholeheartedly recommend Marc's 1:1 sessions for anyone who wants to make significant improvements to their flexibility and mobility.
- Georgie Ripper (Jun 2021)
Marc is an excellent yoga instructor - knowledgeable and patient and yet no walk in the park! His lessons are progressively challenging and after a couple weeks one notices quite quickly the benefits of participating, plus I find they compliment and benefit my other sports. I'd highly recommend Marc to anyone thinking of starting yoga lessons.
- Jeremy Chapman (Jun 2021)
Marc led our yoga class with great precision and attention to detail which I really appreciated after years of questioning my posture and breathing in other yoga classes. The session flowed very well and Marc approached the teaching with such calm I felt this enabled me to relax into the work and to feel a sense of calm as I left the session.
- Amanda Garland (May 2021)
I enjoyed practice with Marc. His class was a great mix of strength, flow, deep breathing, and relaxation. He is very attentive and will adapt poses depending on your level. His manner to teach creates a calm and relaxing environment. I absolutely encourage you to book a session!
- Polina (May 2021)
Marc is a great teacher - his passion , commitment and depth of understanding of the practice is what makes his teaching really great.
- Jacqueline C (May 2021)
Marc is an amazing instructor! He pays attention to detail and is so direct and calming with his instructions. I attended a strength yoga session and really hope to continue so I can build on my strength & flexibility! Thank you Marc for your fantastic teaching style!
- Natalie Gallegos (May 2021)
Gentle, friendly and professional, precise and flexible: Marc embodies the teacher we would like to encounter, in all venues of life. Thank you! I absolutely encourage you to book a session!
- Carmen Malafronte (May 2021)
Marc has such a calming and soothing manner. I really enjoy doing yoga with him. He is helping me to relax and with his perfect instructions, I always manage to find myself in the poses and absorb the most benefit of them. I certainly would recommend Marc as your yoga teacher!
- Anna Pedersen (May 2021)
I'd always been keen to do yoga, being aware of the benefits, but didn’t enjoy it in a group setting at the gym. I ended up very sore and with injuries because the pace was too fast and I didn’t understand how to do a lot of the poses properly. So, I stopped doing it and decided yoga wasnt for me. Having 1-2-1s and group yoga sessions with Marc has really helped me to enjoy yoga and realise the well-being benefits. With Marc s personalised guidance, knowledge, supportive approach, and a pace and challenge level that works perfectly for me, I’m finally able to do yoga properly and in a way that feels good. Home working and cycling creates a lot of lower back, neck, leg & shoulder issues and tension headaches for me. After only a few weeks of working with Marc so far, I've already started experiencing better sleep, improved flexibility, strength, mood & energy levels. I ve also found that I'm managing stress better as well.
- Liz Walsh (May 2021)

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