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Maja Mitrovic

I would like to invite you to start training with me. Let's grow together, and let's explore all the benefits of Yoga and stretching. Let's try to learn all the Yoga positions and make them perfectly . Let's control our weight. Let's move our body and mind, and let's beat our years. Let's laugh together and let's try to avoid possible injuries . And let's improve our posture . If you found yourself inside these lines, and if you wish to join me, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am here for you. Let's get lost in Yoga together

My Yoga story starts right here, at the very moment when I enrolled into YOGABODY Trainer Course. Before it, I wasn\\\\\\\'t into Yoga that much. I wanted to enroll into Yoga Trainer Course for a long time now, but I never had enough courage to do so. Sometimes, the reason behind was a language barrier, since my English is not that perfect. In other occasions, I felt insecure and not good enough because my Yoga experience was pretty low, and I couldn\\\\\\\'t do all the Yoga positions. And I earned those insecurities while I was watching professional Yoga teachers doing their perfect Yoga magic easily, without any difficulties. And today, I made my dream come true! I became a Yoga trainer, and a proud member of a great community of amaising and supporting individuals. My English is still not perfect, nor can I perform every single Yoga position, but I am here, I came so far and I am focused on my goal.

Yoga Teachers College

200hr Vinyasa

(June In Progress)

Yoga Teachers College

Stretching Coach

(June 2023)

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Practical Final Exam- Stretching