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I went into this program with much skepticism.. but Melissa told me to “ trust the process”…I had tried everything.. physical therapy, chiropractic care, deep tissue massage , injections and nothing seemed to help Me with my painful back issues. 18 months is a long time to live in pain for an active athletic person like myself…. I found my way to Melissa and life is great again. I’m moving through the world with MUCH less discomfort. A few yoga moves and breathing exercises throughout the day and I am on the road to recovery! Thanks Melissa! You’re the BEST!
- Marilyn (Nov 2023)
Recently I was experiencing a debilitating case of sciatica and tried a number of stretches online, but the pain was only getting worse. I saw Melissa for 1 visit and not only was my pain instantly lessened, but continued to improve day-by-day as I followed her exercise plan. I appreciated what a great listener she was, how clear and simple her directions were, and her overall down-to-earth, warm personality. Thank you, Melissa!!!
- Lauren (Aug 2023)
My daughter was really struggling with anxiety and insomnia at college. Her therapist suggested yoga or meditation beyond their sessions and I found Melissa. She took Melissa's 4 week breathing course & it made a huge difference! sleep improved dramatically & panic attacks decreased. we are so grateful!
- Mary (Jun 2023)
For over 15 years, I often had difficulty breathing easily and fully. I consulted and underwent exams with multiple doctors, including cardiologists and pulmonologists, with no success. However, with Melissa's guided help and the use of her techniques, I restored my ability to do this simple physical action and gained all the natural benefits that it brought. I highly recommend working with her. She is highly knowledgeable, easy going, and makes the techniques simple and easy to follow. She listened to my problem and structured all our sessions for what I needed.
- Mike B. (Jun 2023)

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