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Melissa Marek

Physical Therapist (DPT, Cert. MDT), Yoga & Meditation Teacher (RYT), & Certified Breath Coach offering whole being wellness for people experiencing chronic pain, poor sleep, stress, or anxiety. Together, let's take some easy, individualized, science-based steps toward your own personal healing and transformation goals. Contact me with questions.

Private Breath Coaching (4, 30 min sessions) - up to 2 people - ONLINE
Private Breath Coaching (4, 30 min sessions) - up to 2 people - IN PERSON Traverse City, MI
After a severe back injury in my early 20s, and failure to find relief through standard medical practices, I went on a quest to heal my body and restore my quality of life. It was a winding journey but eventually I found yoga and meditation which guided me back to my former, vital self. Inspired to share the power of mind-body practices with others, I became a certified yoga teacher in 2005 (RYT), focusing on chronic pain and trauma-sensitive practices which led me to a certification in Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) in 2010. As I worked with more clients, I began to desire more knowledge, specifically science-based, medical knowledge of the human body so that I could assess pain and other conditions as completely and safely as possible. This led me to complete a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and become a licensed Physical therapist (PT, DPT) in 2016. The following year, I completed the rigorous McKenzie certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (Cert. MDT), affording me to specialize in spinal care, including all varieties of back and neck pain, sciatica/radiculopathies. In 2023, I became a certified Breath Coach in order to further share one of our most profound, and easily accessible, resources for regulating our nervous system and overall wellness. Professionally, I love empowering my clients by teaching wellness tools from both ancient and modern practices, and explaining the science that supports them. I deeply believe that YOU are your wisest teacher and source of meaningful change. And, yet, we all need guidance and support. I will continue to be a constant learner so that I continue to offer a fully integrative practice, and I will always be interested in hearing your story and customizing these methods for you.

RecoveryOne (June 2021 – Present)

Job Title: Physical Therapist

Integrative Touch (June 2021 – Present)

Job Title: Wellness Guide

Grand Valley State University

Physical Therapy

Doctorate (July 2016)

InnerVision Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training

RYT 200 (June 2005)

Yoga Body

Breath Coach (January 2023)

Languages: English and Spanish. I love to travel, experience new cultures, and get out of my comfort zone. I find joy and healing in nature, especially when I can move with a landscape via kayaking, scuba/snorkeling, or cross country skiing. My husband and I are foster parents and care deeply about offering a home to those who need refuge.