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I have had a few classes with Lizette now and the biggest thing I've learned is that you don't know how tight your body is until it feels better. Lizette's classes help you feel better. It's a low pressure environment that everyone can partake in, but also has some really technical and fun positions to challenge yourself on. Overall great vibe. 5/5
- Matt (May 2023)
Lizette’s classes are excellent, it was tailored to my specific needs as a runner, the sequence of poses assisted to stretch and strengthen these muscles. I would highly recommend her classes for any athlete looking to improve their flexibility.
- Carl (Mar 2023)
Lizette’s classes are a stress free environment where everyone feels welcome. She understands that everyone’s body is built different and everyone is of different flexibility. She makes adjustments for you as needed. A calmly paced class that incorporates the whole body and mind. Focused on breathing and being present in the moment. She has a positive vibe and can execute the movements she teaches very well.
- Jana (Mar 2023)
Lizette has been my personal yoga teacher for over two years and has brought extensive relief following on from years of pain and stiffness due to old injuries. She tailored my program to seamlessly dovetail with physiotherapy and chiropractor interventions. Mention must be made of Lizette's focus on stretching to restore mobility. Her commitment, professionalism and depth of knowledge are commendable and I personally recommend her.
- Linda (Mar 2023)
Lizette’s classes are amazing! She is attentive and patient and an absolute professional. She plays beautifully calm and relaxing music which allows you to truly immerse yourself in the class and experience inner peace. The classes are tailored to your needs as a student and everyone from beginners to advanced students find a class that suits them. I highly recommend Lizette and will continue to use her classes to escape the stress of the corporate world.
- Cara (Mar 2023)

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