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Lizette Rau

Lizette Rau is a dedicated and passionate yoga teacher, stretching coach, and advocate for holistic wellness. Based in Sedgefield, South Africa, Lizette offers both online group and private classes, catering to individuals of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities. With a focus on alignment-based yoga and the use of props, Lizette ensures that her students can safely access and benefit from each pose. Her patient and composed demeanor, combined with excellent communication skills, allows her to effectively guide her students, helping them feel the effects of the practice and make necessary adjustments for maximum benefit. Having transitioned from a corporate job as a lawyer to a full-time yoga and stretching coach, Lizette understands the toll that a sedentary lifestyle and mental stress can take on the body and mind. Inspired by her own transformative experience with yoga, she aims to support others, especially those approaching the second part of their lives. Lizette believes that age is just a number and that everyone can regain strength, flexibility, and balance, no matter their age or current fitness level. With a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate, Science of Stretching Coach certificate, and 30 years of experience as a legal expert, Lizette brings a wealth of knowledge and communication skills to her teaching. Her passion for helping others extends beyond the yoga mat, as she actively supports dog shelters and organizations like the SPCA. Lizette envisions growing her online business into a comprehensive yoga app, where students can practice anytime, anywhere, while being part of a supportive community. Through her expertise in social media marketing, she aims to connect with a global audience and provide resources and personalized guidance to empower individuals on their wellness journeys.

Lizette Rau is a certified yoga teacher and stretching coach with a corporate background. Having experienced the effects that stress and a sedentary lifestyle can have on the body and mind, she uses deep stretching and breathing to help her corporate, group and private clients relieve stress, regain flexibility and reduce pain and tension in the muscles.

Lizette Rau Yoga (April 2021 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Teacher

Lizette Rau Yoga (February 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Flexibility Coach

Yoga Alliance

200hr Registered Yoga Teacher (April 2021)

YOGABODY Teachers College

Science of Stretching (March 2023)

Ballet, Classical Music, Reading, Hiking

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