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Lisa did this workshop that left me saying "WOW!" I was floored! She had us do a Teacup move that was just marvelous! I actually asked her to show it again because it looked like a magic trick! She really understands the body and how it works. She has a great personality that shines through into her teaching too! I just love this girl!
- Anna Wilson Bean (Dec 2022)
Lisa is wonderful teacher and has a very unique way to guide you through your practice. Very knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about helping others. You will feel amazing after her class.
- David Madrid (Dec 2022)
Lisa is a great yoga teacher! She is dedicated and attentive to her students. Would highly recommend!
- Launi (Dec 2022)
Lisa Marie has a beautiful flow in her yoga class. She has experience and it shows as she moves through the poses and offers adjustments and clarity of instruction. I highly recommend a class with Lisa Marie, thank you for a beautiful flow!
- Jeannine (Dec 2022)
Lisa is a great Yoga teacher: she is incredibly knowledgable and supportive when working with others. Her care and attention to detail in class combined with her love of Yoga comes through passionately. I would not hesitate to recommend her x\0/x
- Mish (Dec 2022)
Lisa is such a supportive teacher! I enjoyed my time in class with her. She has a warm, upbeat teaching style and a great knowledge base. Highly recommend!
- Dari (Nov 2022)
Lisa is a wonderful teacher! She brings passion and energy to each one of her classes. She has such a great knowledge of the body and helps encourage you each step of the way. I find myself excited each time I am signed up for a class with her. I would recommend her to anyone! You will go away from her classes feeling ready for the rest of your day.
- Dominique (Nov 2022)
Lisa has a wide range of knowledge and awareness when it comes to yoga poses anatomy and which muscles are being strengthened. Lisa is always upbeat, hrlpful, and showing up with her heart and soul. I most definitely recommend taking a class with Lisa as her yoga class creates a calm space in my busy day !
- Margo (Nov 2022)
Lisa Marie is an inspirational teacher. She teaches with great care and precision with attention to her student’s needs. She is genuine and this for me is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
- Gabrielle Van Neste (Nov 2022)

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