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Laureano Ibarra

Certified YOGABODY® Breathing Coach, Westside Barbell Special strength coach and Underground strength coach. Co-owner and operator of "Strengthground" gym in Colorado springs. CO

Yoga breathing 30 min private sessions- 1 month/4 sesions
Upon finishing my figure skating career, I wanted to give back and create value in a sport that had little understanding of strengthening and conditioning the body in an efficient and safe way. I set out to find those who had success in creating a system with a conducive environment for growth and improvement . Out of this knowledge and desire to share with the community, \"Strengthground\" gym opened its doors to those wanting and willing to seek a higher version of who they wanted to be.

Strengthground (January 2012 – Present)

Job Title: Co-owner/ Strength coach

Laureano Ibarra (January 2001 – Present)

Job Title: Pairs figure skating coach

Underground Strength gym

Strength coach

Underground strength coach (May 2010)

Westside Barbell

Special strength

Special Strength coach (June 2019)



Yogabody breathing coach (January 2022)

Movement in general, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tai chi, yoga.
Breath of Fire
4:4 Balance breathing
4:8 Relaxing breath