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Kathleen Zickel

I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, studying and teaching ballet-based exercise, dance, weightlifting to music, barre’ and Pilates. I have taught fitness at large fitness clubs and small boutiques and in 2009 I opened my own Pilates studio. I was impressed with Pilates as the movements and practices are based on research and science and is considered “intelligent exercise”. I taught Pilates in a Yoga studio for several years. I never quite felt that Yoga was the right fit for me, until a few months ago when I discovered Lucas Rockwood’s Science of Stretching TM. Reduced flexibility and decreased range of motion is a very common product of aging. I was excited to learn that Lucas’s course in YOGA, the Science of Stretching TM, is exactly what I needed to add to my repertoire for myself and for my clients.