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Kim is such a great and caring person. She works always with care, patience and professionalism. I loved training with her ‘cause she always gives options. Thank you very much for your time Kim.She always transmits great energy and peace. I highly recommended her classes. Very well organized and structured 🍀🌸🙏❤️
- Berta Alcocer Casas (Nov 2021)
Her teaching is very clear and easy to follow especially on challenging poses I definitely would love to be her student again. 🙏
I had not been into yoga before I had met and experienced Kim as an attentive and mindful yoga teacher. I am thankful for all the different kinds of yoga I got to know through Kims expertise and -as result- thankful for getting to know myself and my body more and more through this experience. Her perception and sovereignty made me always feel right and allowed to be a learner. Even trough difficult postures I was patiently guided and so I managed them. Highly recommended teacher.
- Marie Juliane S. (Nov 2021)
I had the chance to be guided by Kim and I found her extremely attentive and aware about my needs during the practice. I really enjoyed her way of teaching!
- Arianna F. (Nov 2021)
I like Kim’s clear and simple instructions. She has great awareness and provides modifications as required. I like the variation of poses she offers to gradually bring you to the next level and prepare you for peak poses!
- Claudiane (Nov 2021)
I had such a great time taking class with Kim! She’s a terrific teacher. Her flow class was energetic and her cues were clear and easy to follow. I love how she gives you personal, supportive attention as you practice. I highly recommend her class!
- Karen R (Nov 2021)
I have participated in several of Kim's yoga seminars and I am very satisfied with all of her expertise and her care for the student. I have two prosthetic knees, so many yoga positions are very difficult or even (at this time) impossible for me to execute. Kim's courses are designed for people with mobility issues, and she is always ready with a modification for me so that I can really participate and strengthen the muscles and joints of my legs. For great rehabilitation after a major joint operation, I highly recommend her seminars!
- Will (Nov 2021)
Kim has an excellent awareness of the needs of the aging body or the physically-challenged body. With combined breathing coaching and carefully awareness of each amount of stretch or exertion, she achieves just the right amount of workout, taking into account all the issues that the body can have. I recommend her highly.
- Corty (Nov 2021)
Great flows, a terrific teacher, very flexible for scheduling classes. A great help for all busy and stressed people.
- Sabrina Manniello (Nov 2021)
Great yoga course. Really great and lovely teacher. It is easy to follow the instructions. Kim always helps or knows an alternative yoga position if I struggle.
- Julia (Nov 2021)
A great pace for me, as a former sports enthusiast and now handicapped. I was able to get into adapted breathing super quickly and was thrilled that I could test my own remaining abilities.
- Svenja (Oct 2021)

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