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Khonsura Wilson

Targeted Mobility for Martial Artist, Athletes and Crossfitters
69.99 USD
Targeted Mobility for the Overworked, Non-Athlete or Inactive Person
69.99 USD
I teach targeted mobility stretches to improve flexibility among both athletic and non-athletic clients.

Temple of Lau Kune Do (January 2015 – Present)

Job Title: Sifu

Temple University

Africana Studies

Masters and Doctorate (May 2004)

Rhode Island School of Design

Fine Arts: Printmaking

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters of Teaching (May 1998)

Primal Blueprint

Paleo/Ancestral Wellness concepts and practices

Primal Wellness Coach (July 2018)

Yoga Body Teacher College


Flexibility Coach (January In Progress)

Martial Arts Fitness and Wellness Practices Cultural Research and Philosophy Painting, Drawing and Calligraphy