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Katya Alvarez

As a former competitive ice skater I have found strength and balance through Yoga, Nutrition, Health Coaching and Breath work and now I am ready to help you find yours as well

Breath work 4 Class Package
Health coaching 6 session Package
Five Class Science of Stretching
I am a former competitive Ice skater and Mother of 3 adult men, passionate Wellness advocate and coach partnering with women 40+ to balance life through challenging stages while working on Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Breath work, Stress Management and Mobility in order to have a great quality of life at any age.

Anderson Clayton (April 1992 – November 1994)

Job Title: Human Resources Chief

Pista Lomas Verdes (June 1990 – April 2001)

Job Title: Competitive Ice skating Coach

R&A Beach Properties (July 2011 – Present)

Job Title: Owner and Vacation Rental Coordinator

Katya Alvarez Health Coaching (September 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Health Coach

Yoga Teachers College

Science of Stretching

Science of Stretching Coach (May 2022)

Yoga Teachers College

Breath work

Breath work Coach (April 2023)


Health Coach Certification

Health Coach (September 2022)


Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition Guide (May 2018)


Organizational Psychology

Organizational Psychology Bachelor (December 1992)


Scenar Therapy Level 1 and 2, Back injuries, Joint Pain management, Digestive Issues, Hormonal Balance (January In Progress)

I am a passionate and empathic coach and I love helping others with their Wellness challenges. I love being outdoors in Nature, enjoying the Beach and wonderful views. I love doing Yoga, taking walks with my dog, meditation, Breath work for stress management and cooking healthy meals. I am also a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with Motivational interviewing, Non Violent communication, Positive Psychology and Active listening.
Relaxing Breathing Whiskey Category
Balance Breathing Water Category
Breath of fire Coffee Breathing Category