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kara lehenbauer

Certified Breathe for Change Yoga instructor and Certified Breath Coach As a thirty-year veteran educator, I love watching students come into themselves through all of the activities in which they participate. I hope to encourage self-love through yoga and breathwork.

As an educator of thirty years, I think it is important to keep learning new skills. While home with my child who was very sick, I realized I needed something to help me regulate the stress that had become a part of my life. After some research, I found that yoga was a good place to begin. Yoga helped me cope with the events of my life. It enabled me to step away from the stress and find a feeling of peace within myself. I also learned that breathing correctly also helped alleviate my stress and helped me balance my emotions. Not only have yoga and breathing exercises helped me in my emotional health, but they have also helped me in my physical health. Yoga has increased my flexibility, improved my posture, build strength, and find an overall peacefulness. Breathwork has helped me have a deep sense of calm, stress relief, and mental clarity. It has given me more energy and provided a healthier mood (less anxiety and depression), and concentration, along with a deeper sleep when done at night. I am excited to share everything I\'ve learned!

Several Missouri School Districts (August 1993 – Present)

Job Title: Educator

Yoga At Every Age (January 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga/Breath Coach Instructor

Breathe For Change

Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga

Digital 200-hour Wellness, SEL and Yoga Teacher Training (August 2022)


Breath Work

Certified Breath Coach (February 2023)

Fontbonne University

Deaf/Elementary Education

BA of Education (May 1993)

I love learning new things! I love teaching what I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve learned. When I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m not teaching, I love to read and listen to music and hang out with my family and friends.