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Yoga with Julia11

Looking to increase strength and regain flexibility, or learn some breathing techniques to unwind? I run yoga flow, stretching and breath coach classes and have some availability on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Contact me in the link below to take a discovery class. Look forward to seeing you there!

Keeping fit and enjoying sport has always been important to me and discovering yoga not only made a big impact on my health but led me to wanting others to benefit in their lives as well. Especially as we age, we notice changes in mobility, flexibility and strength, and it is important to restore and maintain these functions as much as possible. Having spent years working at a desk, I am very aware of how this can affect mobility, and am now focusing more time coaching yoga, stretching and breathing practices. I would love to meet with you to discuss your goals and see if we might work together for your wellbeing.

Private coaching (August 2021 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga stretch & Breath Coach


Yoga Coach

200h Yoga Teacher Training (October 2023)


Stretch Coach

Stretch Coach Training (August 2021)

Firepower Gym


iFlows Mobility (August 2017)


Breath Coach

Breath Coach Training (November 2023)

Definitely practising yoga, I have been interested in nutrition and alternative health therapies for a long time, enjoy walking and hiking, love travelling and gardening. I am particularly interested in coaching those new to yoga, and those returning to exercise after a gap for any reason. For me moving is not only for physical health but is also key to mental health and contributes to being present and feeling more energetic.
Vinyasa Flow - 4 week starter pack
Yoga Breathing - 4 week course
Yoga Stretching - 4 week course
20 minute Discovery Class