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Jewels is a wonderful teacher. She does a great job teaching students the foundational skills before moving us up to more challenging skills. She teaches us through demonstrating and by analyzing our technique, then giving feedback. She encourages us, makes class fun, and makes me feel safe and confident when trying difficult skills. I have throughly enjoyed having Jewels as a teacher.
- Amina (Jan 2024)
Amazing sessions with Jewel! Her trapeze yoga classes blend skill&fun, making tough poses achievable.
- Xinwen (Dec 2023)
Jewel is the best instructor! Took aerial yoga with her and crew so much. She is kind, supportive, and always brings out the best in you. Such a pleasure!
- Yana (Dec 2023)
Took both aerial and trapeze yoga classes with Jewel. Jewel is a wonderful instructor! She is attentive, encouraging, and patient. She is also very passionate and skilled (and graceful) at what she does — her passion is contagious! Appreciate you, Jewel!
- Heidi (Dec 2023)
I absolutely love aerial yoga with Jewels! She's a wonderful teacher who is so encouraging and patient, and she really tailors her instruction to each students' strengths. Jewels is so graceful and elegant and her classes are so fun, I look forward to every one of them!
- Taruni (Dec 2023)
Jewels is such a supportive instructor! I joined the silks and Trapeze yoga class in the middle of the semester, and still was able to pick up so many valuable skills. I love going to class every week and being challenged and encouraged by her. She’s made such a safe and welcoming space with her spirit and her students that you’re always feeling confident in your abilities no matter what level you’re at :)
- Khayla (Dec 2023)
Jewels is a wonderful teacher. She is super kind to all people working in levels and made me feel super comfortable. I was able to progress is my fitness journey and definitely recommend her!
- Mailynh (Dec 2022)
Jewels is such a fun, supportive and caring instructor and always makes sure her students are comfortable and confident in themselves in her classes.
- Laura (Dec 2022)
I met Jewels at USC village fitness center. I really enjoyed her aerial yoga classes!!! She's a good teacher with clear instructions and protection. I missed some classes because of schedule conflicts but she encouraged me and helped a lot with my missed lessons. I would recommend everyone interested in aerial yoga attend and follow her classes! Don't be afraid about your flexibility or strength. Jewels offered different levels of training sets and poses for students so that everyone was involved in the class. And you will love it and find yourself improved.
- Nanxi (Dec 2022)
Jewel is such a great instructor that accommodates your level (especially if your body is stiff and you are a beginner) and knows how to guide you through the process in such a caring and professional way. I had lots of fun in her classes and I’d highly recommend having her as an instructor.
- Alya (Dec 2022)
I had the best experience taking trapeze yoga with Jewels! When I first started I was unsure if I could even handle going upside down. But she was very encouraging and taught me the basics. She is always detailed in her explanations of new moves. She would always spend the time to make sure we got the motions correct and had the right technique. I will definitely be taking her class again. Thanks to Jewels, I was able to do poses I never thought I could!
- Aleyeh (Dec 2022)
I had never taken an aerial yoga class before and now I am absolutely loving it! Jewels is an amazing teacher: She explains and demonstrates every step slowly so the class can understand it. Jewels also lets everyone do it in their own tempo and created a safe space. I never had a lot of arm strength but through this yoga class I can feel how I am getting stronger every week. I learned so much in the span of one semester and I am already looking forward to the next one!
- Katalin V (Dec 2022)
This was my first experience with trapeze/aerial yoga and Jewels was extremely helpful throughout the entire semester. I was able to learn new skills and overcome difficulties because she made the class fun and safe!
- Ke W (Dec 2022)
Jewels is a great yoga instructor, and I am grateful for her bringing aerial arts into my life when I thought it wouldn’t be available in school! She also helped me nurse an injury even though it didn't occur in her class! Felt so much better because of her :)
- Monique (Dec 2022)
This was my first experience with trapeze/aerial yoga and Jewels was extremely nice and helpful during all of our classes. I was able to learn and develop new skills faster than I expected and the main part I struggled with the most was trusting the mechanics of the ribbons and ropes! With Jewels guidance and support I am much more comfortable with aerial yoga after only 6-7 classes and can’t wait to take her classes again next semester!
- Nana (Dec 2022)
Really had so much this semester in Jewels’ class. Totally thought I wasn’t capable of doing it, but with her amazing guidance got the confidence to do it.
- Andrea Figueroa (Dec 2022)
Jewels is AWESOME-NESS!! I have very little upper body/CORE strength and have only taken 2-3 yoga classes in my lifetime, but her classes are so much fun! Her instructional style is so inclusive and non-intimidating that I ended up signing up for weekly classes. I leave class feeling super charged, determined to master the new positions she teaches, strong, strong, strong, yet very relaxed. I loved her classes so much that within a couple of weeks I ended up buying my own trapeze (mostly because I still cannot master many of the positions so it allows me to practice). She's very attentive, always patient, flexible with scheduling, and just makes class fun! She also incorporates many teachable moments for healthy living, stretching, and breathing techniques. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
- Annie T Birnie (Jun 2022)
I LOVE taking class with Jewels! She knows exactly when, and how, to challenge me, and when to make me focus on strength, form, or stretching. Taking a class with Jewels is like taking a class with your best friend— and your bestie happens to be incredibly knowledgeable in fitness and health. She’s warm, sweet, friendly, and attentive. Her workouts are fun, and catered to your specific needs and objectives. I love that, whether you take a live or zoom class with her, she really pays attention to your form. Her passion, knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail, definitely sets her apart from other instructors, and puts her among my favorite people to workout and learn from. And by the way— she’s amazing teaching kids too!
- Liz C. (May 2022)
I LOVE Jewels, the best yoga instructor ever🤩. Im also a fitness instructor and always enjoyed her class and inspired by her passion in yoga. I took her aerial yoga and scientific stretching class. She is very knowledgable and skillful on what she is teaching. She demonstrates all the movements and explains the sciences behind them very well. I learnt so much from her. She does care about every single student. I really appreciated the extra time she spent talking to me and fixing my form.
- Gabby (Apr 2022)
I have been taking trapeze/aerial lessons with Jewels for 6 months now and I look forward to her classes every week! She is such a fun person to be around and will go above and beyond to help us learn new and challenging things each week. I always feel safe in class because she is so attentive and explains how to lock into poses and what can happen if done incorrectly. This class got me out of my comfort zone and now I have a unique hobby that I love so much. I highly recommend taking lessons with Jewels :)
- Taylor Mallory (Apr 2022)
Jewels knows how to lead a thrilling, fun class but safety is always her first priority. Even when flipping and spinning at high speeds, I always know that I’m in the safest hands and my technique will be top notch due to an incredible teacher. I’ll continue to come to Jewel's classes and look forward to it every week!
- Alyssa Katalyna Fritz (Apr 2022)
Julie is an amazing instructor. She’s very thorough and attentive with all your forms. I love how she’s gentle with instructing me to look my best and feel pretty with the Trapeze. You can tell she wants the best for her students. When I first tried the Trapeze with Jewels, I feel in love with it and now I’m addicted 🤩
- Valerie J (Apr 2022)
Jewels is an amazing instructor!! She gives detailed instructions and demos. She also makes sure that you are going through the yoga flow safely. Her class is always fun to attend:)
- Athashree (Apr 2022)
Jewels is an awesome teacher! She is so kind and patient with all of her students. She is great at giving detailed instructions, and prioritizes a safe and fun classroom environment! I always look forward to her class! I definitely recommend taking lessons from Jewels :)
- Carina (Apr 2022)
Love u and and thank u for teaching me
- Sadie (Apr 2022)
Jewels is a great teacher! I’ve done yoga trapeze with her and she makes classes so much fun. It does not matter what level you are, she assists and encourages you.
- Shk (Apr 2022)

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