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Breathing is something we all do automatically everyday but over the past few weeks Jerry has taught me how to breathe in a way that is beneficial to both my physical and mental wellbeing. The difference it has made to my ability to relax is amazing and it absolutely helps calm pre-competition nerves. Jerry is a great teacher, empathetic, generous and hugely knowledgeable. His friendly classes fly past and you are guaranteed to learn new, easy to remember breathing techniques. Don’t think twice about doing this course - just sign up now, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your life.
- Kathy (Mar 2023)
Wow! Thank you so much Jerry for introducing me to the amazing breathing techniques. Who knew that after a just a few sessions I would be more relaxed, confident and able to take things more in my stride! Jerry is very warm, friendly and engaging from start to finish. Thank you so much.
- Michael (Mar 2023)
I wouldn’t have believed that different breathing styles could improve my overall wellbeing, that was until I met and was coached by Jerry. His kind, friendly, instructive teaching style aided the learning process. For me the different breathing techniques have helped reduce anxiety levels & stress, improved resilience and aided sleep. Well worth the learning and ongoing practice. Thank you Jerry for your insight and generosity of spirit.
- Carolyn (Jul 2022)
With Jeremy, I learned, in a few sessions, something simple, yet so important: If you change your breathing, you change your life. And it did! With his friendly approach and friendliness, he teaches easy to remember breathing techniques to find calm, serenity, improve your sleep, stress-resilience and overall wellbeing. I would say: just try it (you can even just do it online, as I did), I can assure you that this breathing coach will teach you techniques that will help you every day.
- Maaike (Jul 2022)

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