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Jane Louise

If you would like to move more freely my Fundamental Yoga classes are for you. Focussing on strength, flexibility and balance, you will easily do daily tasks with more confidence while having fun and learning to move safely.

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I am passionate about being a lifelong learner and maintaining functional movement throughout different stages of life, especially as we age or encounter physical changes. Building on teaching children in the classroom, I became aware of the positive impacts that yoga can have on the self-esteem of children, emotional regulation, perseverance and their joy of movement. I love bringing the joy of yoga to the young and the young at heart.

(January 2022 – Present)

Job Title:

The Bali Yoga School

Vinyassa Yoga

200hr Vinyasa (December 2019)

Yoga Kids Training Academy

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Level I and II (December 2019)


Breath Coach (December 2020)


Stretching Coach (October 2020)

4 x 1 hour Private Yoga Class
Final Assessment - Strong to the Core