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Irina Weiss

Certified Breath Coach / Resilience Trainer / Yoga teacher / Nature Coach / Mediator

Breath Coaching 1:1
My name is Irina. I was born in Peru, currently living in the South of Germany. As a long-time yogateacher, I\'ve been teaching breath for over 13 years now. Breath is our primal source of energy, it\'s easy and you can practice anywhere. Breath plays an integral part in strengthening your resilience. In my breath coach training I was fascinated to learn to combine the old practices of Yoga with modern scientifically proved easy breathing techniques. I love to connect and teach what I found to be so nurturing in my own life in the recent years. My wish is to support you in your everyday life with my breath coaching.

Irina Weiss (April 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Breath Coach

Irina Weiss (June 2009 – Present)

Job Title: Yogateacher

Irina Weiss (October 2018 – Present)

Job Title: Resilience Trainer and Facilitator for Forestbathing

Irina Weiss (January 2003 – Present)

Job Title: Mediator

German Red Cross HQ (May 1998 – June 2009)

Job Title: Programme Officer Humantarian Help and Migration


Breath Coach

(April 2022)

- fluent in English, German and Spanish - I love to cook recipes from all over the world - being in nature - swimming - learning exciting new things
Activating Morning Breathing Practice