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Houston & Bombon

"Yoga enthusiast, teacher, and global wanderer. Certified by Kootenay Yoga School, Stanford-nutritionist, and Yoga Body's Stretching Science graduate. Guiding Vinyasa and Hatha journeys, focusing on asana precision. A seeker of cultures, languages, and human connections. . Join me in exploring mind-body harmony on and off the mat, as I infuse excellence into all I do.

Private Yoga Vinyasa (60 mins) _In Person
Group Yoga Vinyasa Class (60 mins)_ In Person
Private Stretching Class (45 mins)_In person
(Donation based) 30 mins Discovery Class Vinyasa_Virtual
Private Yoga Vinyasa (60 mins) _Online
Chair Yoga For Beginner and Senior (In Person)
Greetings, fellow adventurers! Diana here, a curious human at heart, an English bulldog biggest fan, a Petroleum Engineer, and a yoga instructor/student. I blend Vinyasa and Hatha in my class, emphasizing precise asana alignment. Yoga became my tool for self-listening—being mindful of the body, feelings, and mind. Teaching and learning in tandem, my mission is to guide others as they discover their inner wealth. My wish: is for seekers to recognize they possess everything they are searching for within. My philosophy? Kindness and hospitality are life true gifts. From transformative yoga sessions to welcoming you into my Airbnb/retreat haven, I aim to inspire mindfulness, foster connections, and radiate positivity. Join this ever-evolving journey, where yoga and travel converge, each breath propelling us toward harmony. Let explore, learn, and uplift together.

OXY USA (May 2014 – November 2022)

Job Title: Completions Engineer Advisor

KB Fitness (January 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Teacher

Woke Community (January 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Teacher

Yoga Body

Science of Stretching (June 2023)

Stanford University

Nutrition Science (September 2020)

Kootenay Yoga School

Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hrs YTT (November 2022)

Gadjah Mada University

Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science (August 2004)

Interest in Yoga, Nutrition Science, Ayurveda, and Wellness

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