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Gwendolina is a lovely yoga teacher. Her lessons are dynamic and intense and she guides you with sweetness and grace. His suggestions are precise and detailed. it is a pleasure to do yoga guided by her and i really recommend her class
- Germana (Nov 2021)
Une prof de yoga extraordinaire! La bienveillance et la douceur associée à l’énergie et la motivation. Hâte de découvrir les prochains cours!
- Claire (Nov 2021)
Un cours au top! Dynamique et attentive Gwen vous corrige et vous motive tout au long de la séance. On sent tout son corps travailler en douceur! Merci 😍
- Flo (Nov 2021)
I had the pleasure of taking Gwendolina’s class this afternoon, and it was terrific. I loved the flow she designed—so many challenging and fun details. Gwendolina is such a strong teacher. Her cues are clear and easy to follow and her voice is both soothing and encouraging. I love how she gives individual attention to each student. I will be back, for sure!
- Karen R (Nov 2021)
I had the pleasure of taking Gwendolina’s class today—it was so much fun! She designed an active flow class with many terrific details and challenging add-ons. Gwendolina is a terrific teacher; her cues are so clear and easy to follow, and her voice is both encouraging and soothing. I will be back for more!
- Karen R. (Nov 2021)
Cours dynamique et agréable, Gwen est pleine de bons conseils sur les positions et la respiration (Ce qui est je trouve assez rare, ayant testé plusieurs types de cours.) C'est une personne souriante, pleine de peps, et c'est contagieux !
- Maëlle (Nov 2021)
Gwen is an amazing yoga instructor! She is warm, caring and always helpful. Her classes are energising and fun. It is easy to understand. I enjoyed her classes and I really recommend her!
- Petra Vrtišková (Nov 2021)

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