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Brooke Whipple

I'm a lifelong adventurer and have sought to cultivate a lifestyle of health and happiness in the outdoors. I want to share that enthusiasm with YOU and help you achieve your goals to stay strong and flexible for a longer, healthier, happier life!

Brooke has over 560K subscribers on her YouTube channel, Girl in the Woods. A lifelong adventurer, she has appeared on Seasons 4 & 5 of ALONE on the History Channel, and was featured in the docu-series Yukon River Run on the National Geographic Channel. She is an author, outdoor educator, filmmaker, builder, and fitness enthusiast.

YouTube (February 2016 – Present)

Job Title: Girl in the Woods

US Army (February 2008 – June 2010)

Job Title: Recreation Director

Ferris State University

Outdoor/Adventure Recreation Management

BS (May 1997)

Wilderness Medicine Associates

Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness First Responder (March 2022)

Yogabody Teachers College

The Science of Breathing

Breath Coach (November 2023)

Yogabody Teachers College

Science of Stretching

Stretching Coach (December 2023)

I love the outdoors- hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, adventuring, and building cabins. I enjoy pushing myself to find my edge, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

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