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Gabrielle is amazing teacher with a good style. She has a warm personality and wonderful energy. She really cares about what she is doing. I absolutely love working with her!
- Anna Wilson Bean (Dec 2022)
I felt incredibly uplifted after practicing yoga with Gabrielle. Her knowledge and the way she guide you through your practice is amazing. Absolutely a wonderful teacher. Thank you Gabrielle 🙏❤️
- David Madrid (Dec 2022)
Gabrielle has a beautiful soulful voice as she guides you into your yoga practice. I have had the pleasure to work with her and can attest that her knowledge, when it comes to a yoga class, poses, alignement, posture... is on point. I was guided through a beautiful yoga practice and I left feeling relaxed and at the same time knowing that my body was stronger because of the class. I highly recommend Gabrielle as a teacher, you will be nurtured in class as she calmly guides you.
- Jeannine (Dec 2022)
Gabrielle is such a wonderful Teacher! Her knowledge on Body anatomy/mechanics and which poses to practice to target the areas you want to work on was so very helpful. Her energy is warm and inviting and I highly recommend her Yoga classes!!!
- Lisa Marie (Nov 2022)
Gabrielle is a fantastic yoga teacher with a calm, welcoming style. She is knowledgeable and was careful to explain and explore poses with me. I learned so much! Top notch!
- Dari (Nov 2022)
Gabrielle is so accomplished in her craft. She cares deeply about yoga and it’s transformative qualities. When you take a class with her you feel guided in the most gentle and beautiful way. I highly recommend Gabrielle for group classes, one to one tutu on and she runs amazing workshops. If you want to help improve your quality of life through yoga Gabrielle is the teacher for you. One of the best.
- Susanna Edwards (Nov 2022)
Gabrielle is a wonderful yoga teacher. She has great knowledge and guides beautifully though her yoga classes. She is calm and grounded and cares deeply and attentively. After her classes you will feel totally relaxed and uplifted
- Zara (Nov 2022)
Gabrielle is a wonderful teacher! She brings so much wonderful energy and I look forward to every class she has. She encourages you to keep going and challenges you when you least expect it. Her passion for helping you shows in the way she teaches. I would recommend any class she has to offer!
- Dominique (Nov 2022)
Gabrielle is a great teacher. From day 1 she started to grow as a teacher and continues to do so. Most notable was her growth mindset, constantly taking feedback, integrating and growing her skillset. She pays attention to her students with detailed-oriented instructions. She has a very welcoming energy and knows how to connect with students.
- Camilo Carreiro (Nov 2022)
Gabrielle is a wonderful teacher! She guides you through your yoga practice in such a way that allows you to grow and progress so fast, while being a true inspiration for all her students. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge and experience, and her warm heart make Gabrielle one of the best teachers you'll every known. Trust me!
- Mariela Dominguez (Nov 2022)
Great teacher! Love her kind and encouraging personality. She has really fun and exciting classes. I was very impressed by her dedication to her students.
- Monica (Nov 2022)
Gabrielle is a very competent teacher who guides beautiful strong flow classes. Absolutely recommend.
- Karren (Nov 2022)

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