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Abigayle Myers-Drake

I am an award winning UK based Yoga Teacher, 200 hrs, Yoga Trapeze Teacher, Breath Coach, Flexibility Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Ayurveda Health Practitioner. I studied undergraduate Human Biology, Diabetes Care, and Cardiovascular Disease. I have 27 years industry experience in health clubs and private settings.

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I am an award winning Uk based Personal Trainer, group exercise instructor (YMCA), Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Trapeze Teacher, Breath Coach, Flexibility Coach, Restorative Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Health Practitioner. I studied undergraduate human biology, diabetes care and cardiovascular diseases. I have 27 years industry experience in health clubs, private settings and my own retreat. I specialise in post surgery recovery, spinal care and bowel disease. I combine my own personal experience with years of training and experience in the industry to help others improve their practice and incorporate techniques into their lifestyle. I can help. I personally understand the challenges you face alongside 27 years as a Personal Trainer/Coach I keep getting asked: “how do you do so much?“ following spinal and bowel surgery, years of failed IVF, childless not by choice, premature menopause at 20 alongside other health challenges. My answer is always the same; exercise, nutrition and managing your stress response It is not what happens to you, it is how you handle it. Stay active, keep moving, eat for the condition and learn techniques to manage your stress levels as much as your capabilities allow. Movement is Medicine! Develop and sustain strength, flexibility and balance. I use a combination of trapeze, flexibility training and breathing exercises to manage ongoing difficulties following my latest bowel surgery and have seen marked progress in my recovery. I no longer feel tight in certain muscle groups; the L shape I always find myself in on a morning has gone: digestion and sleep have been completely transformed. My strength gains have been incredible. I feel free and able to move! My most recent training includes 200 hr Yoga training, the science of yoga, Flexibility Coaching, the science of stretching, alongside Yoga Trapeze (not to be confused with Aerial Yoga that I teach) and Breath Coaching. These courses have proven themselves to be the best by far to date, not just in terms of helping me develop new understanding and skills but because they represent activity that can easily be adapted to suit any level of experience or ability. Anyone can do it! Flexibility Coaching is a mat based targeted mobility/flexibility training method that works to open up your body using gravity. This is mat based and not on the trapeze although the trapeze can still be used as a tool to modify stretches. Do not let the titles of the disciplines put you off. They are just names. Modified tailored practice adapted specifically to your needs, capabilities and lifestyle can really help.

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