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Tracey Phelps

Any Stretch
Any Breath Class
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My practice is profoundly rooted in the power of \\\"Love is Letting go of Fear.\\\" This understanding allows me to guide my clients to reintegrate resilience and develop Self-empowerment and Self-Love. A heart-centered practice creates an overall balance with the Mind-Body-Soul. This alignment involves releasing ongoing triggers, old stories, and beliefs that prevent my clients from genuinely living as their authentic selves through Coaching, Nutrition, Yoga, Dance, Heart Math, and Shamanic Healing.

Healing House (January 2019 – Present)

Job Title: Practitioner


Nutrition Science

Bachelors in Nutrition Science (January In Progress)


Breath Coach

(July 2022)


Science of Stretch

(September 2022)

International Center for Reiki Training

Usui Holy Fire Reiki III®

Reiki Master Teacher (March 2017)

Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Healer Yoga, breath coach, and science of stretch Heart Math Practitioner specializing in trauma and intervention Nutrition Education and Counseling Zumba & Zumba Core Ordained Minister
The Goddess Warrior Tribe
We embrace the mystical divine feminine energy that ties us together as sisters through the art form of dance. Reconnecting us with that sexy inner being that resides in each of us and bringing her out like the true Goddess we are—growing in love, encouraging and supporting one another in a physical, mental and spiritual journey that we express through dancing. Going beyond rhythm and dance steps, we will learn how to connect to our heart and reach down into the depths of the earth, and the stars in the heavens draw in the magical energy of life that surrounds us into our bodies and express that as emotions through a movement called dance.
Tuesday Feb 07, 2023
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (America/New_York)