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If you're a gentleman who feels stressed and experiences stiff achey muscles BUT you want to lead a more relaxed, calm life AND are you're willing to invest a small amount of effort to achieve your goal, you've come to the right place.nA regular practise of coordinated stretching with controlled breathing (aka yoga) has been clinically proven effective to reduce anxiety and open the body and mind resulting in a calmer, more peaceful lifennI'm a certified stretching coach, registered yoga teacher, certified meditation instructor and breath Coach . I lead both 1 on 1 and group sessions.nnClick the link below to schedule a free 30 min discovery class as the first step in achieving your goaln

1 Month Private SessionPack (4-1 hr sessions)
299.00 USD
2 Month Private Session Pack (8-1 hr sessions)
569.00 USD
3 Month Pack (12-1 hr sessions)
799.00 USD
A Rabbi, Mohel, Chabad House co-director & software engineer with a penchant for maintaining inner calm, balance and guiding other men to be centered, relaxed, flexible & strong through all of life’s adventures

eLearnIT LLC (January 1999 – Present)

Job Title: Partner

Capella University

Education /. Training / Courseware Design

MS Ed (June 1997)

Rabbinical College of America

Jewish philosophy, law and mysticism

Rabbinic Ordination, BA religious education (June 1980)


Science of Stretching

Certified flexibility Coach (November 2021)

Florida International University

Math Computer Science

BS (December 1984)

Yoga Body College

Vinyanna Flexibility

Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr (June In Progress)

Vinyasa Flow , Power & Yin Yoga. Meditation, Breathing, Road Cycling, Science of Stretching, Kaballa & Chassidic Philosophy
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Immersion One Exam - Take 1