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Chassidic rabbi with a Torah-Halacha motivated penchant for maintaining and guiding others to maintain a healthy body to comfortably live in with ease till 120

1 Month Pack (4 classes)
299.00 USD
2 Month Pack (8 classes)
569.00 USD
3 Month Pack (12 classes)
799.00 USD
A Rabbi, Mohel, Chabad House co-director & software engineer with a penchant for personally staying and guiding others to be centered, relaxed, flexible & strong through all of life’s adventures

(January 2021 – Present)

Job Title:

Capella University

Courseware Design

MS Ed (June 1997)

Rabbinical College of America

Jewish philosophy, law and mysticism

Rabbinic Ordination, BA religious education (June 1980)


Science of Stretching

Certified flexibility Coach (November 2021)

Meditation, Breathing, Yoga, Road Cycling, Stretching, Kaballa & Chassidic Philosophy