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Fiona Allgaeuer

I discovered the Yoga Trapeze® after getting one as a present from my husband, in an effort to relieve my back pain in a fun way! I had struggled with lower back pain for many years and although I had always done various sports to keep it in check, I had never found a solution. Many years of working in the stressful corporate world of Sales along with too much sitting and computer work had also been a major factor. I decided to change direction and was thrilled to discover a whole new world not only of fun but also back pain relief with the Yoga Trapeze®! Since my first day on the trapeze, I was hooked and shortly after, successfully completed an internationally recognized Yoga Trapeze® Teacher Training course with YOGABODY, a professional Yoga Teachers College led by Lucas Rockwood. Since then I have been sharing my passion by teaching others. For me, yoga trapeze training is about relieving back pain, improving both grip and core strength, and increasing flexibility in a totally new fun way! So my classes combine inversions, strength and mobility in a dynamic yet relaxed style. Expect to move, invert, stretch, breathe and of course, have a good time! Lets hang out! :-)