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First of all, Federica was a good teacher. I could feel that she was able to take case of individual need in a group setting. The selection of materials was just right for the class which consisted of students of all levels. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to benefit from Yoga!
- Paul Siew (Jul 2021)
I highly recommend Federica as a yoga instructor. To begin, she has a solid understanding of yoga philosophy which is needed if you really want to immerse in yoga practice; and she transmits this deep knowledge to her students during the beginning meditation part of her class. She also has many years of experience practicing yoga and she is able to teach yoga poses in a fresh fun way of a new and engaged teacher with a passion for what they do. She always pushes us to a deeper stretch and she sees different students' capabilities/levels so she adjusts her approach accordingly. To be honest, what I loved the most is that she's the nicest person and wants the best for you. What more can you ask from your yoga teacher? The noble practice to match to a noble instructor. Thank you Federica! Grazie tanto!
- Eleni Georgiopoulou (Jun 2021)
I've been practicing yoga with Federica for a couple of months and I'm extremely satisfied. Federica is very professional, empathic and absolutely attentive to everyone's wellbeing. She always takes the time to guide and take care of each participant of her classes and to adjust the exercises based on every individual's needs. In my case, for instance, she's always "customized" the exercises to be more than safe for pregnancy (I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant and blindly trust Federica in any exercise she assigns to me) and she even purchased specific tools for pre-natal classes to ensure my wellbeing, even though I was the only pregnant participant to her courses. This is pure customer-centricity, a very rare quality! I would absolutely recommend Federica as a yoga teacher to anyone looking for physical and mental wellbeing, under the guidance of a professional, positive and caring teacher!
- Veronica Santi (Jun 2021)
Federica is a very professional teacher, focused on the total body and mind wellbeing. I love the empathy and the patience she has, the way she is happy to share her knowledge, explaining all the poses and their effect. In each class there is always a deep moment of relaxation and self awareness through the meditation. What makes the difference in her, is the attention she has for every single student, taking the time to adjust the posture of everyone in every single pose. Highly recommended under each aspect!
- Manuela (May 2021)

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