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Kate Dean

As a physiotherapist specialising in sports injuries I have an interest in using Yoga to optimise strength, balance and flexibility as well as preventing and treating injuries. From starting as a junior physiotherapist and just treating the area and injury I started to appreciate that pain wasn\'t as simple as the pathology that was presenting, it had many different facets from an imbalance of the muscle system leading to overuse of structures, to stress and poor nutrition. people need a more holistic view

Bromley Hospital trust (July 2001 – February 2003)

Job Title: Junior Physiotherapist

Haslemere Physiotherapy dept (February 2003 – May 2006)

Job Title: Senior Physiotherapy

Spire Hospital (May 2006 – September 2009)

Job Title: Sports Physiotherapist

Kate Peckham Physiotherapy (August 2003 – Present)

Job Title: Physiotherapist Equestrian Sport

England and Wales cricket board (September 2008 – February 2012)

Job Title: Physiotherapist for the Disability team

St George’s Hospital Medical School


BSc (January In Progress)

Royal Veterinary Collage

Veterinary Physiotherapy

MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy (June 2006)

Yoga teachers College

Vinyasa Flow teacher training

(September In Progress)

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The Forgotten Thoracic Spine
Yoga flow exam