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Emily Boyer

I\'m excited to share the profound impact yoga, and breath work, has had on my journey of self-discovery and wellness. I\'ve personally experienced transformative benefits, come out of injuries, and gained strength and greater perspective. I\'m eager to extend this knowledge and share the positive influence of yoga with others. After wrapping up years of athletics, I discovered yoga, and it instantly captivated me. In the past 15+ years , I\'ve wholeheartedly embraced the practice, in addition to a consistent meditation practice. Yoga has generously enriched my life, nurturing my body, spirit, and mind. I am sincerely grateful for the transformative impact it has had on me.

(January 2023 – Present)

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Breathing Coach

YOGABODY Breathing Coach (January 2021)

My world revolves around the joy of movement, with Hatha Yoga as my favorite expression of yoga. I also savor moments of stillness Gravity Yoga has to offer, and find the combination of the two create balance in my body. When I\'m not inside, you\'ll find me walking and hiking with our beloved dog Champ. Another passion of mine is creating artwork from scratch, listening to music, and experimenting in the kitchen.