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Ellie Parvin

Ellie is a is a certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach who helps people utilize breathe as a tool to bring balance and calm to their life amidst unbalanced and hectic times. She teaches and empowers them to make a positive impact on their nervous system to nurture health and happiness. Ellie is a Communication Expert & Educator, Author, Show host, Speaker, Yogi & Breath Work Coach Ellie\'s Bio: Ellie discovered Yoga after an (preventable) injury she incurred from ignoring the physical pain and signs from her body. She was teaching more than a dozen kickboxing classes a week and had a full-time office-desk job. These two extremes took a toll on her body. Her fitness Mentor and boss at the time, Chalene Johnson, recommended she start teaching yoga to bring some balance physically and emotionally to her body and life. In 2003, once Ellie was able to walk (or hobble) her mind-body practice journey began. Born and raised in Newport Beach, CA, Ellie has been involved in dance, athletics and fitness her whole life. She is a Gold Turbo Kick®, PiYo™, Hip Hop Hustle™ Trained Instructor. Further, Ellie maintains/has earned the following certifications and format training: AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Yoga Fit Certified, Yoga Tech, Yoga Tech Core, Yoga for the spine, YOGABODY® Breathing Coach, belly dancing, strength training, CPR & First Aid. Ellie has been featured in numerous Fitness Instructor videos for Cardio kickboxing, Dance and Mind body. Ellie was also a flagship member of BeachBody (formerly Powder Blue Productions) Elite Video Talent Team (EVTT) for fitness video production. The EVTT aids in the development of instructional fitness videos (CDs/DVDs) for their fitness formats. Ellie’s approach to yoga remains ever focused on listening to one’s body and heart and honoring the place one is in at each practice, while paying attention to the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and release in the mind and body. Her primary practice focus is on Vinyasa Flow, where you can expect to move, sweat, stretch and breathe. When she isn’t teaching Mind-Body classes and seeking life’s Zen moments… Ellie helps College students and entrepreneurs improve their communication skills so they can grow their businesses and improve their relationships! Communication Expert: University Professor, Owner of, Host of Communication TV, Course creator, speaker and author of Secrets to Successful Communication: Communication Tips and Tricks to Help You Advance Your Business and Personal Relationships. (January 2012 – Present)

Job Title: Owner

(January 2023 – Present)

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Gonzaga University

Communication & Organizational Leadership

Master Degree (January 2011)



Breath Coach Certification (February 2023)

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