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I went through training with David. He really pushed to get me outside of my comfort zone. I admit that I wasn't happy about it at the moment, but he helped me to realize that I could do more than I thought I was capable of. Thank you, David!
- Anna Wilson Bean (Dec 2022)
David’s class is fantastic! I loved the way the class flowed and was accessible to everyone at every level. I would definitely go again and look forward to see him continue to grow. Thanks David!
- Sarah (Dec 2022)
David has a great personality and it shines when he teaches yoga. He is calm and offers a class that is well structured and that anyone can follow no matter what level you think you are. I enjoyed his class and invite you to try a class with him as well.
- David (Dec 2022)
David has a great teaching style and will make you feel completely at ease & comfortable when enjoying his classes. His technique and clear, calm teaching instructions will make you feel you can achieve anything and you will feel inspired and motivated to expand and develop your practice with David. Highly recommended.
- Sue Northcott (Dec 2022)
David is a great teacher. He teaches with clarity, precision and competence. He has a fantastic personality too! I highly recommend David as a teacher!
- Gabrielle Van Neste (Dec 2022)

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