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Gustavo Balestrero EEM-CP

Doctor in Physical Therapy and practicing since 2010. I became a Breath Coach in 2021 with Yoga Body Academy and have successfully guided countless hours of breath work. The latest achievement in 2022 was becoming an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner whereas I have been practicing and applying the concepts ever since and deepening my knowledge as I advance through their Mastery and Advanced Programs. Also, with a B. S. degree in Business Administration by HOFTRA University. Affiliation with MGH Institute of Health Professions specialization in Neurological Rehabilitation. Northeastern University, as well as Harvard Medical School CME for curriculum enrichment classes. My philosophy is set by the intention to help our body to unleash its healing power by aligning our energy fields when out of balance. nThe Quantum Energy Booster is a groundbreaking technique that I have personally crafted through my extensive expertise and two decades of dedicated service in the field of holistic healing. This technique combines ancient wisdom with modern science to harness the power of quantum energy and channel it towards healing and transformation. By working with the subtle energy fields that permeate our bodies and the universe, the Quantum Energy Booster has the ability to restore balance, harmony, and vitality on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Through my years of research and practice, I have witnessed countless miracles and profound transformations in my clients who have experienced the power of this technique

Daily Energy Routine
Breath of Fire - Coffee Breathing
Breath of Relaxation - Whiskey Breathing
Breath of Balance - Water Breathing