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Cyrielle Chassé

Soundhealing sessions - Reiki & Meditation sessions - Team Building events - Yoga Trapeze classes - Well-being objects.

Sirius is the name of my company (Sirius is also our spiritual sun, the most shiny stars of the night sky and my favorite Harry Potter character hah)! My name is Cyrielle, I am 30 year old French little woman, who discover well-being after few years of searching herself in mountains of jobs and trainings. Now that I am graduated from few courses I offer you: . Soundhealing sessions with crystal bowls, . Reiki sessions, . Meditation sessions, . Team building events, . Yoga Trapeze lessons, . Well-being objects on my own store! My objectif here is to diffuse what I have learnt the past two years and offer you some quality time for you far from anxiety, stress and speed, and close to your well-being, just for your mental and physical health. Hope to see you soon :)

(January 2022 – Present)

Job Title:

Alchilmies Soundbath

Sound Healing

Sound Healing Instructor (May 2021)


Yoga Trapeze

Yoga Trapeze Teacher (January 2022)

Green Yoga


Hypnomeditation Instructor (August 2021)

WeLoveBloom Paris


Meditation Instructor (January 2021)



Reiki Instructor (September 2021)


Sports Instructor

Sport Instructor (January In Progress)

. Meditation with crystal bowls . Yoga Trapeze . Reiki sessions . Professional events . Well being products