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Amazing teacher, holistic approach to the lesson, I highly recommend to any beginners!! :)
- Anna Skwarek (Aug 2023)
Amazing teacher, holistic approach to the lesson, I highly recommend to any beginners!! :)
- Anna Skwarek (Aug 2023)
Jag hade några yogatimmar med Cordelia och en stretching lektion. Hon är mycket pedagogisk och tålmodig. Hon anpassar svårighet till elevens ålder och förmåga vilket var viktigt för mig då jag är 64 år och inte praktiserad yoga tidigare. Redan efter några lektioner kände jag mig mjukare i kroppen och fick bättre rörelseomfång i ryggen, höfterna och axlarna. Jag kan stark rekommendera henne som stretching- och yogalärare.
- Petr Uher (Jun 2023)
Cordelia is a great teacher. Not only does she have a lot of knowledge, but she also has a lot of patience and is great at encouraging. It was my first time doing yoga, and I can honestly say i wasn’t very good. However I felt that in only in an hour I improved a lot with Cordelia’s guidance.
- Thea (Jun 2023)
I had a very good lesson with Cordelia. She is a very good teacher as she explains every exercice thoroughly if you need and adjustes if necessary. I felt well taken care of and she saw me if I needed any help. She was also very responsive to my questions after the lesson. Would really recommend!
- Helene (Jun 2023)
Cordelia is an amazing teacher! She helped me learn new ways to tackle a challenging pose. I really enjoy Cordelia's style of teaching and would highly recommend taking a class with her.
- Jenny (Jun 2023)
Cordelia is awesome! It’s a joy to practice yoga with her. She’s been so helpful in my yoga journey. She pays careful attention to her students and makes suggestions to bring challenges to the poses. Check her out if you have the chance!
- Erin (Jun 2023)
Cordelia is very knowledgeable and quick to help individualize the poses for you. Even the small adjustments she has helped me with have made a noticeable difference in my own practice. As a teacher she is encouraging and motivating.
- Matt (Jun 2023)
Cordelia is a very enthusiastic and lively yoga teacher. I appreciate how she corrects misalignments and challenges me during the practice.
- Samanta (Jun 2023)
One of the best yoga teachers I've met. very patient and supportive. Cordelia can encourage, but also help to exceed one's own limitations. Cordelia shows and corrects positions very well. I highly recommend her lessons🩷🩵🩷
- Mart (Jun 2023)

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