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Claire MacEachen

I became interested in yoga 20+ years ago and became a certified yoga teacher in 2008 completing my 200 hour course. I then furthered my studies with yoga teacher Rod Stryker over a period of 4 years or more completing 9 tiers of his master course which offered a much more in-depth view of the possibilities one could achieve practising the full spectrum of yoga, from poses to breath work and meditation, as well as tools and methodologies to overcome fears and obstacles that get in the way of living ones best life.

I am a yoga teacher living in British Columbia, Canada. I have been practising, studying and loving yoga for about 21 years now. I love to have fun with the poses and sequencing, the breath work just calms me and I love how meditating I can observe my mind which is a constant reminder to stay present. I love sharing what I love about yoga with my students you can find us all having a good laugh, a good stretch and a good challenge several times a week. I am also a flexibility coach because sometimes you can just do with a good old stretch.

Body Motion Yoga (January 2010 – Present)

Job Title: Owner/Yoga Teacher

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT)

(January In Progress)


Flexibility Coach (January In Progress)

50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program with Diana Batts and Bernie Clark

(November 2017)

Vishoka Meditation Master Course facilitated by Ishan Tigunait

(October 2020)

9 tiers of ParaYoga® Master Training (PYMT) Program

(January In Progress)

I really love my activities that range from mountain biking, walking and hiking in the mountains, I love snowboarding and kayaking as well as stand up paddling and of course yoga. I live in the Okanagan BC Canada where these activities are abundant.
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