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Cindy Angulo

Cindy, known as “the body whisperer” , has a zest for learning all the latest research for delivering a safe, effective, and results driven workout while having fun. She has innovated a unique body alignment system along with building a rig that further delivers on targeted muscle activation resulting in optimal movement patterns in yoga training.

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Cindy Feltman Angulo, a 20+ year fitness professional raised in Indiana, graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Exercise Science and wellness (Cum Laude). Quenching her thirst for knowledge, wanting to conquer being an overweight child, she had obtained a variety of fitness certifications like ACSM, NASM (PT and CES), CSCS, ACE(PT and CES), AFAA (Group X), Yoga Body, Trapeze Yoga, Spin, Kickbox, PPSC, and FMS which has given her an analytical edge and the know how to get a physical result. She is no longer held hostage by her physical past; she has nationally qualified in body building, fitness, physique, and figure. Her passion for fitness is undeniable, and she inspires those around her with her \"can do attitude.\" She also suffered low back problems most of her life which led to a low back surgery shortly after 2 C Sections. With her back limitations, Cindy focused on her rehab and began to explore and create her Flexion /Extension theory which led to the innovative and cutting edge FX BOOM Fitness System. Cindy has been a motivator and a creative and strategic problem solver in the group exercise, personal training, and fitness manager world. She is the \"bridge\" for her clients to reach their goals physically and emotionally. Her client base has consisted of all ages, fitness levels, limitations, and diseases, especially neurological diseases. Cindy is committed to finding solutions to the injuries that are caused by the way we live life and current exercise techniques that may have worked in the past, but is not conducive to our current lifestyle. Many fitness professionals are injured and teaching what they learned, not knowing that it may be contributing to their injuries, and blaming old age for the reason. Not only that, their participants are suffering from some of the same injuries. Since we are all on the same team, Cindy has created a solution to reeducate individuals to become more body aware and gain insight on effective programming with her Flexion/Extension theory, so we can overcome those challenges. She has discovered a system that not only transforms pain to pleasure in world of fitness, but her participants now find the joy in working out with a new found vision of success. Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ BS in Exercise Science and Wellness 08/2000 -American College of Sports Medicine- Health Fitness Instructor Certification (June 2000) -National Academy of Sports Medicine -PT (since May 2002) -CES (Since Jan 2020) -National Strength and Conditioning Specialist- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (Since June 2000) -American Council on Exercise- Personal Trainer (Since May 1998) and Clinical Exercise Specialist (Since Aug 2000) -Aerobics and Fitness Association of America- Group Exercise Instructor (Since April 1994) Weight Room Specialist (Sept 1997 had Expired) and Personal Trainer (Since April 1996) -TPI Level 1 trainer (Since Dec 2017) -Pain and Performance Specialist Certification (Jan 2020) -Yoga Body Yoga Trapeze (Since March 2021) -Currently pursuing 200 Hour YogaBody Yoga Alliance Certification to be completed by Dec 2021 -Landmark Education Curriculum for Living Graduate and Introduction Leader *****Working with various Medical professionals in MD, Neurologists, Chiropractic,Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, NMD, Military Personnel, and Elementary Education on how my methodology and findings apply to all the various areas of science using my inventions the FX BOOM Fitness System Product Line and FlexEx Methodology. • Other Previous Certifications that may have expired -Gravity Trainers Certification (2006) -IMG academies Ignite 360 (was Combine 360) certified (2012) -FMS Level 1 and Level 2 (2013 and 2014) -Dotfit with Exerspy Armband by Body Media (2013) -Apex Certification (Jan 2001) -International Fitness Professionals Association- Personal Trainer (May 1997) and - -Sports Nutrition (May 1997) -Johnny G Spinning Certified (June 1995) -Kickfit Kickboxing Certified (Dec 1997) -Turbo Kickboxing Certified (Jan 2002) -24 Cycle Certified (Jan 2003) -Reebok Cycle Certified (Sept 1999) -Attends ACSM and IDEA conferences every year to learn new trends since1994 ***Bodybuilding/ Fitness Competitions Unique thing is after I lost 75 pounds I have qualified nationally in 4 categories. Body building, fitness, Figure and Physique. 1998 NPC Arizona 3rd place bodybuilding 2001 NPC Arizona 1st place bodybuilding (national qualifier) 2005 INBA fitness 5th Place (national qualifier) 2005 ms fitness USA 16th 2006 Fitness America Pageant 10th ***had kid 1 12/31/08 2009 NPC Arizona figure 2nd (national qualifier) 2010 NPC USA Figure 16th ****Had kid 2 7/25/11 and low back surgery 5/4/12 2012 July NPC USA Figure 16th 2013 NPC USA Figure 16th 2013 NPC Arizona Physique 2nd (national qualified) 2014 NPC Cal state Figure 2nd and Physique 3rd 2014 muscle beach Figure 1st 2014 NPC USA Figure 16th 2016 Fitness America Pageant Figure 6th

Village Health Club in DC Ranch (May 2005 – Present)

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Career Highlights -Company Owner FlexExSolutions LLC and The Edge Fitness Institute LLC -Methodology and Product Inventor FX BOOM Fitness System, Industry Disruptor -Personal Trainer and Group X Instructor for over 25 years -Motivational Speaker -Finalist for shark tank and trainer on greatest loser. Did a 4 min commercial with Shark Kevin Harrington for my products of Fox Business in April 2018. -Current National Level competitor in Figure, Fitness, Physique, and Body Building with over 20 competitions since 1998 in NPC, INBA, Fitness America Pageant, Ms. Fitness, and Muscle Beach Classic Competitions (3 first places and over 12 top 5) -Life coach and Landmark Education Introduction Leader -Mother of 2 kids ages 10 and 13 -Volleyball Coach at Victorium Skills -Motivational and Inspirational Speaker -Large Group Education Seminar Leader -“Outside of Box” thinker, and works with whatever she has -Quickly adapts to all situations such as Covid 19 -Upbeat Tv personality, good camera skills. -Strong and unique personality (lovable and energetic) -Good at prospecting new clients -Developing New Trainers -Maintaining a Budget -Good Customer Service Skills -Knowledge of Various Marketing -Creative Program Developer -Working with Customer concerns -Knowledge of Health Codes and Gym Requirements -Strong Sales Background -Behavior Based Interviewing -Knowledge of Club Liabilities and Risks -Teaching Senior’s and Children’s Fitness -Strong Work Ethic
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