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Christine Conforti

Level 2 Group Course: 4 weekly Zoom sessions + 30 Day Accountability Group
1-on-1 Breathwork Coaching: 4 private sessions, in person or on Zoom
Christine is enamored with the intersection between science and spirituality, and inspired by the innate healing power and wisdom of the body. As a Holistic Business Coach since 2014, she has helped hundreds of people identify their deepest truth, explore their most brilliant ideas and expand their capacity to power their lives and work with gratitude, curiosity and courage. On a healing sabbatical in Mexico in early 2022, she was exposed to the paradigm-shifting teachings of Polyvagal Theory and the world of somatic therapy through hands-on bodywork, breathwork and movement practices. Since then, she’s deepened her ability to hold safe and healing space by integrating breathwork and nervous system teachings into her practice. Christine has been a consistent student of yoga since 2015, and MindUP Workshop Facilitator teaching the neuroscience of mindfulness since 2012. She holds a Masters in Education, and finds joying in simplifying complex information & techniques into practices accessible and actionable for any and all human beings. In addition to teaching breathwork in groups, Christine coaches private clients and is a Craniosacral Practitioner under the certification training of the Upledger Institute.

Unbounded Lifestyle (November 2014 – Present)

Job Title: Holistic Business Coach

MindUP (June 2012 – Present)

Job Title: Mindfulness Workshop Facilitator

Upledger Institute Student (August 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner

Teach for America (June 2010 – June 2012)

Job Title: Corp Member

United Nations Global Compact (October 2012 – October 2014)

Job Title: Project Manager

(October 2022)

Georgetown University

B.S. Foreign Service (June 2010)

Univeristy of Miami

M.A. Education and Social Change (June 2012)

Cooking, dancing, hiking, grounding my feet in the sand, breathing in the fresh ocean air, growing spiritually through deep inner work and radically authentic relationships.
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