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Chandra Green, Breath Coach

Health advocate, nature lover, and proactive organizer of possibilities! Need a different tool for stress management? Come try a new way of breathing and take ownership over your nervous system.

Thanks for stopping by! I had no idea that teaching aerobics at age 20 would impact the trajectory of my health, career, and values. Since then, I have always been a health advocate in a variety of ways. Ten years of my career focused on local policy change and statewide legislation around smoke-free environments. More recently I am spending a lot of time in nature helping with cuddle classes with goats! (Yes, that is a REAL thing and it is fantastic!) My next big goal is a solo trip to Africa - if I can do that, YOU can do what you want, too! With so many options and noise around us, I believe there is value in simplicity. Even this site has only a few options to click. I want to be effective in what I offer, progressive in the methods and process, and I want the information to be easily accessible. I hope you will join me in a relationship based on accountability, holding space, and a focus on your health. I am excited to see what we can learn together!

(June 1998 – Present)

Job Title: Health Educator and Advocate

East Carolina University

MAEd Health Education

(July 1998)

Yoga Teachers College

Certified Breath Coach (February 2023)

National Wellness Institute

Resilience & Thriving Facilitator (September 2022)

Yoga with Kassandra

Yin Yoga Teaching Certificate (November 2021)

UNC Wilmington


BA (December 1994)

At one point in life I was very involved in triathlon. I went from not knowing how to swim one lap, to swimming the 1.2 mile leg of a Half Ironman event. It took time and discipline to hit that goal. I wish I had this breathing knowledge back then! I genuinely love helping people learn a new skill, especially as it relates to their health.
Corporate/group session - approximately 45 minutes
Individual - 1 intro meeting and 4-sessions via Zoom, 30 min each