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Chad Catalano

I am here to build a community of like minded people that want the best for their body, mind, and spirit because in the end that connection is what makes for a happier and healthier life! Click on the links below to get started today! After payment is processed PayPal or Venmo, I will contact you and we will set up class in person or virtual

Misfit merch
$25 USD
Misfit merch
$25 USD
Science of stretching is a mat based practice for stiff back, tight hamstrings & tight hips. Practices available for all ages

Yoga on mars (June 2021 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga instructor

The spiritual Misfits (January 2019 – Present)

Job Title: Owner/instructor

Yoga body teachers college

Science of stretching

Certification (April 2021)

Udemy online

Meditation practitioner

Meditation practitioner certificate (August 2021)

Udemy online

Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga certificate (July 2021)

Udemy online

Kids yoga

Kids yoga certification (February 2021)