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I am a 68 year male who has somewhat limited movement and stiffness related to arthritis of the spine and neck. Casandra provided instruction on basic Yoga poses and made quick modifications to accommodate my limitations. She was both energetic and insightful. Although I have had some experience with Yoga in the past, Casandra helped me better understand the purpose of the pose and the correct implementation. Casandra’s yoga class was very helpful and I look forward to the next one.
- Tony Groves (May 2022)
During the last couple of years I decided I wanted to take up yoga as a way to destress, stretch my body, and work my muscles in ways I normally wouldn't. Cassandra was absolutely wonderful in teaching me the basics, and taking me through classes that made me feel both mentally and physically better from start to finish. She cares about her clients and makes you feel comfortable no matter what stage you are at in your yoga journey!
- Jamie Schwimmer (May 2022)
Casandra is very good at making sure you are in the right position! She is kind and fun for a beginner at yoga. I highly recommend her to anyone just starting their yoga adventures. She will walk you through everything and make you feel comfortable!
- Heather Holida (May 2022)
I have been training with Cassandra for over a year having never taking yoga from anyone. She taught me so much and corrected me when i need to have the right posture. She is calm in her teaching and encouraging. I am better at yoga for have had teach me. I am so close to doing a headstand which frightens me but I will be able to have the confidence to get there.
- Angelita De Leon (May 2022)

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