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Balanced Traveller Fitness

Linda is an Aerial Yoga, Yoga Trapeze and Stretching Instructor based on the Gold Coast, Australia. She delivers fun, accessible, and personalised programs which focus on developing functional physical and mental fitness.

Aerial or suspended yoga using the Yoga Trapeze® enables significant improvements in flexibility, balance, strength, and self-confidence in as little as four sessions. This is an incredibly fun, empowering and functional practice which adopts yoga asanas, pilates and isometric poses onto a specialised yoga sling.

Balanced Traveller Fitness (March 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Instructor / Coach

Free classes at home to family and friends (January 2017 – Present)

Job Title: COVID Project


Yoga Trapeze

30 hour Teacher Certification (January 2023)


Science of Stretching

30 hour Teacher Certification (February In Progress)

Ulu Yoga

Aerial Yoga

50 hour teacher training (October 2022)

Yoga Renew


YTT 200HR - Vinyasa and Hatha (March 2024)

I am a traveller, sailor, and renovator. Fitness is a priority so that I can keep exploring the world. I can help you achieve the same.