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Thank you Gee for the massage last week. I found you to be an empathetic professional who is dedicated to the art of therapeutic massage. A therapist who is a good communicator, ascertaining personal preferences early on, e.g. preferences for silence throughout the massage or chat, or light or firm touch. The work was challenging, unravelling the knots in my scapulae and neck due to long hours in front of a computer screen, and at the same time, treating areas where I carry some sports injuries with care. My muscles and spine thank you! Also, I spoilt myself with a facial as well, omg, so relaxing. My skin is super sensitive so I was so pleased that whatever products you used were fabulous, no issues whatsoever, skin looked and felt great!
- Ali (Jun 2022)
Gee is such an amazing teacher!! When I saw yoga videos for the first time I thought that I was not able to do it, because I had never practiced yoga before. Also English is my second language what makes it be more difficult to understand, but Gee is so patient and the way that she teaches makes everything easier so I got it! 😊 I loved it! Best to way to start the day!
- Bruna Souza (Jun 2022)
Thanks for the awesome feedback Bruna. Looking forward to 'hanging out' again soon! x
- (Jun 2022)
Gee is the best teacher, I never try before this type of yoga and I love it I am practice different yoga style, I love because Gee is motivated myself to do and repit until the posture is correct , I am appreciate the love and dedication she have 💕💕
- Macarena Fuentes (Jun 2022)
Thanks for the wonderful feedback Macarena. Looking forward to hanging again soon.x
- (Jun 2022)
Absolutely fantastic! Gee took her time to understand what I wanted to focus on and if I had any soreness. The class moved at a great pace - not too fast where I felt rushed and not so slow that I got bored at all. Having a private session meant Gee was available to ensure I was completing each position properly so I didn't hurt myself at all. And even though I was a bit trepidatious at first, hanging upside down - OMG! - what an unbelievably fabulous stretch! With years of experience, Gee's massages are the perfect blend of relaxing and working out all the hidden tension in your muscles. Seriously one of the best I've ever had. I cannot recommend enough her massages and her yoga trapeze training.
- Jos (Jun 2022)
Awww thanks for the rave review Jos; I appreciate the kind comments and the time taken to do so.
- (Jun 2022)

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