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Back Balance

Helping individuals to open up their bodies, decrease pain, improve joint health, posture and manage their nervous system through scientific based programmes. *Science of Stretching - Mobility Training *Yoga Trapeze Training; and *Balanced Breathing

YT Enthusiasts - 4x Private 1-on-1 Yoga Trapeze sessions
YT Committed - Private 1-on-1 (8 session programme)
YT Athlete - Private 1-on-1 (12 week programme)
Enthusiast Plus - 4x sessions of 1-on-1 YT and 4x 60min Relaxation Massage
Committed Plus - 8x sessions of 1-on-1 YT and 8x 60min Relaxation Massage
1085 AUD
Athlete Plus - 12x sessions of 1-on-1 YT and 12x 60min Relaxation Massage
1550 AUD
Add On Massage - Single massage session with any Yoga Trapeze Programme
1hr Relaxation Massage
1.5hr Relaxation Massage
1hr Therapeutic/Sports Massage
1.5hr Therapeutic/Sports Massage
1hr Aromatherapy Massage
1.5hr Aromatherapy Massage
30min Express Facial
1hr Facial
My Time Package 1 - 1hr Relaxation Massage plus 30min Express Facial
My Time Package 2 - 1hr Facial plus 30min Massage

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